I Create a Score Round-up Screen for a Sci-Fi Military Shooter on iPhone X

I’ve created another UI layout for a fictional mobile game. This time a sci-fi military shooter, along the lines of Black Ops. Having covered my process many times in this blog, for this post I’ll just give your a quick overview of what I did and why and show you the outcome.

I wanted to show the round up screen for mission completed in a mobile shooter. This screen would come directly after the ‘VICTORY’ message at the end of the round. I wanted to get as much information as possible communicated clearly, in an easily digestible way for players without having to resort to multiple taps through multiple screens.

The sci-fi soldier image was taken from a Boba Fett tactical armour costume.

Fig 1. Fullscreen of Score Round-up Scene.

Leaderboard ranking, progress towards a milestone reward and objectives achieved are all listed, as well as overall currency counts and navigational options.

I hope you like the work.


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