I Create an iPhone X RPG Daily Reward Screen

I’ve spent a few weeks taking a course in MODO with the intention of learning how to make icons in a quicker, easier-to-edit way. This would also allow me to achieve a more uniform perspective and lighting than I was achieving by working solely in 2D in Photoshop or Illustrator, I finally have some work to display.

3D Icons
Fig 1. 3 sword & sorcery reward icons for a mobile game.

Fig 2. Final layout of the sword & sorcery ‘daily reward’ scene.

I set myself the challenge of creating a collection of icons for a sword & sorcery game. I decided to pick daily rewards, as this allowed me a good amount of freedom in what I chose to model in the sword & sorcery genre.

I researched some other games’ daily login rewards or ‘choose your prize’ scenes and laid out my own wireframe. After this I worked up a polished scene with my new MODO icons on display in a contextual way.

I hope you like the results and i’m looking forward to posting more 3D icon work in my next project post.

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