Attending the White Knights Conference 2019

I’ll be attending the White Knights business conference for the games industry on the 12th of February. There will be many interesting talks and panels regarding hyper-casual (an emerging and less-known genre) A/B testing and changing trends in mobile gaming. Some co-workers will also be giving talks and taking part in panel discussions which I’m eager to engage with too.

I’ll make a post based on my experience at the conference soon.

Discovering the Zeigarnik Effect in Games UI

While playing a variety of games over the past couple of months I’ve noticed a chronic behaviour in myself. I would be playing a game and naturally have begun winding down, I’d be getting sleepy or knowing I had something I needed to do and was preparing to end my play session.

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UI Discussion — Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a multiplayer sci-fi shooter, either 3rd or 1st person, depending on the player’s preference. It was released in November 2017, to more-or-less universal disappointment. I purchased the game at the time and played very little — however, in the intervening 16 months or so, the game has been radically updated and has garnered some new attention for adding the ‘prequel-era’ Star Wars maps and characters to the game. I’ve found myself rediscovering and thoroughly enjoying it recently and have decided I’ve put in enough time to warrant a UI discussion of what I liked and why the UI/UX has improved so much.

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I Create a Logo for a Mobile Action-RPG

For my previous post, in which I create and animated a victory screen for a fictional mobile action-rpg, I also created a logo for the game to make the mock up feel more real. The game is a high-fantasy affair (dwarves, magic etc) so I chose the name ‘Defender’, something simple and to-the-point.

In this post I’ll explain how I created the logo and and my rationale behind it.

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I Create and Animate Victory Screen UI in Unity

In my role as a UI/UX Designer at Wooga, I’m currently working on a lot of Unity animations and VFX, for victory screens and celebratory prize reveals etc. I hope to make a post about these soon, once I have cleared using the artwork and screenshots with my manager. For now I thought I would show my creation and animation of a victory screen for a fictional action-rpg for mobile devices, which I’m calling ‘Defender’.

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I’m Attending EGX Berlin 2018

I will be attending Euro Gamer Expo Berlin at the end of the month, while I work primarily in mobile game I’m very excited to see the upcoming products coming out and seeing what has the industry buzzing for the coming 6 months!

UI Review: Diamond Diaries Saga

Having recently become enthralled with the latest King game for casual players, I’ve decided to break down the UI of the game for my blog!

Diamond Diaries Saga is a new physics-based linker game, in the words of the game’s Senior Producer Delphine Sassi. Diamond Diaries Saga is easy to learn but often frustrating game which is highly addictive. Developed by King  (also the creators of Candy Crush Saga) and originally soft-launched in August 2016.

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