I’m Attending EGX Berlin 2018

I will be attending Euro Gamer Expo Berlin at the end of the month, while I work primarily in mobile game I’m very excited to see the upcoming products coming out and seeing what has the industry buzzing for the coming 6 months!

UI Review: Diamond Diaries Saga

Having recently become enthralled with the latest King game for casual players, I’ve decided to break down the UI of the game for my blog!

Diamond Diaries Saga is a new physics-based linker game, in the words of the game’s Senior Producer Delphine Sassi. Diamond Diaries Saga is easy to learn but often frustrating game which is highly addictive. Developed by King  (also the creators of Candy Crush Saga) and originally soft-launched in August 2016.

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I Create and Animate UI for an iPhone X Assassination Game

Perusing the app store I saw that a popular game at the time of writing was Sniper 3D Assassin. As a child in the 1990’s I enjoyed arcade games like Silent Scope, which has a plastic rifle for shooting at the screen. It had been a while since I created a new UI layout for another app or game so I decided to rework the Sniper 3D Assassin UI into a new, fictional game idea and improve upon it.

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UI Discussion: God of War

God of War is an action role-playing game, which takes roughly 20 – 50 hours to complete, depending on the player’s preference for side-quests etc. Over the course of the game the player is taught dozens of game mechanics and how they all interact with each other. There’s combat, issuing commands to Kratos’ (the protagonist) son Atreus, gathering resources, equipment upgrades, inventory management, quest objectives, map navigation and more.

The game’s UI needs to contain, communicate and teach this varied information in a way that is easy to comprehend and is user-intuitive. We don’t want players lost in tab bars and drop down-menus looking to find out how they can dump unwanted loot, for example.

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UI Style Guides in Mobile Games: Their Use and Importance

I’ve been working on a single project for 2 years – Pearl’s Peril. The game has been live however, for 5+ years and work began in it a couple years prior to that. In the space of those 7 or so years, several UI artist and UX designers have come and go and a great many features have been added to the game, as well as new platforms/methods for it to be played on and some which have gone a way (like Flash). Because of this, they game has gone through a great deal of change and has, naturally, lost it’s coherent look and feel over the years.

After a new senior UI/UX professional joined our team, we decided to rectify this and bring the game together, unifying the style across all scenes/features/menus etc. Not only would this spruce up the visuals to help make the game more competitive today, it would make the user’s experience drastically more intuitive and frustration-free.

With this experience, I’d like to discuss the use and and importance of a style guide today. We’ll also look at what would content go into one, for a hypothetical mobile game.

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I Create a Website Layout for a Batman Inspired Video Game

In order to shake things up and stretch myself a bit, I’ve been designing some website layouts. In my previous post, I created a website layout for the fictional game ‘Speedrun 3’, I decided to create another website layout based on a fictional Batman game, which I’m calling ‘Gotham’s Guardians’. This layout I would use as the reference to create a working site in Adobe Dreamweaver.  Disclaimer – All Batman character images within this mockup are copyright © DC Comics.

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I Create an iPhone X Racing Game Reward Screen

With the release of the iPhone X many mobile games developers scrambled to adjust their live games to this new (and unusual) layout.

At work we had to rapidly accommodate the new device and I felt it would be fun and useful to design a layout for the iPhone X on this blog. My previous mobile game layouts in this blogs used the iPhone 6. Note – car images were sourced online.

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